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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring is here

Easter is over. I wanted to post for Easter, but somehow I never found the time. I’ve been working on my Anthology. I finished it and sent it in to Midnight Showcase. The whole thing is 64,500 words long. I gave it the title ‘Tapestry of dreams’. I’ve also been busy with a time travel story, which was supposed to be part of the Anthology, but I got so involved with the story and found it impossible to write a good ending without it becoming longer than intended. Finally, after 28,000 words I finished it. However, now it is possibly too long for the Anthology and will have to stands on its own. I sent that one in also. That story is called ‘Time Flares’.
It is beautiful outside today. I walked around my yard and found a lot of work ahead. If it stays warm and dry I should be able to do some work next week. Spring is always busy, just to get everything back into shape, then comes the garden, and of course, raking the lawn and getting rid of the debris and grass. On a property our size there is a lot of dead grass to rake together, but it is nice to walk around and to see the snow gone. Tomorrow it is supposed to go up to 20 degrees. That’ll be great.
Actually I am waiting for Book two, Seeds of Chaos, to be published this month and ‘Dual Vision’, which includes the stories ‘Cliffs of Time’ and ‘Orion, the Hunt’. That one was actually supposed to come out last month.
Here is an expert from ‘Time Flares’:

Snydor and Silver sat in the visitor section and watched the giant screen. For safety reasons everyone was strapped into the seats. Gigantic tongues of fiery gases reached towards the ship from the white dwarf, like spidery fingers of death. Even though Professor Braun assured everyone they were safe, it was still unnerving to see the bright flares shooting out of the body of the dying sun, trying to pull the ship out of orbit into its own blazing inferno.
“Prepare yourself for the most intense flares, after this they will slowly disperse until in about three or four days the nova will be finished.” Braun’s voice came over the speakers. He chuckled. “Remember what you see is already thirty seconds old.”
He barely finished talking when the screen lit up. Snydor involuntarily closed his eyes. He felt a shudder vibrating through the ship. A dark hand seemed to reach for his brain; he felt as if an electric shock touched him and burned every fiber of his body. Strange images flashed in front of his eyes, streaks of lightening, faces, objects. A cacophony of noises threatened to burst his eardrums and burn out his mind.
Then it was over.
Snydor sat in his seat, still stunned from the onslaught on his mind and body, aware of an eerie silence. He looked around the observation deck. Everything appeared normal, except for the sudden excited shouting of the people in their seats.
“What happened?” Someone yelled.
The lightshow on the giant screen seemed to have ended. Snydor stared at the three-dimensional glowing white sun in the center. The dwarf star. He didn’t think it looked right.
“Something is wrong,” Silver said beside him.
Snydor searched for Professor Braun. He spotted him getting up from his seat and rush towards one of the exits, with Dr. Bushiri close on his heels.
Snydor unbuckled himself. “I think we’d better check in with the Captain and find out what happened. Maybe he can enlighten us.”
Professor Braun and Dr. Bushiri were already talking to Captain Harper when they stepped out of the elevator and onto the bridge. The Professor saw Snydor and waved for him to join them.
Captain Harper nodded to Snydor and Silver. “Ah, my trusted Chief of Security and his Second, Miss Silver.”
“Is everything alright, Captain?” Snydor asked.
“The ship’s AI is doing an analysis right now. So far, everything looks normal. The ship has sustained no damage. We’re not in any danger.”
“But something happened,” Silver said.
“It certainly did. We just haven’t determined yet what.”
The Captain lifted his head, his eyes glazed over. He stood like that for about thirty seconds; his expression was solemn when he focused back on the little group. He looked at Professor Braun. “I don’t know if this is possible, Professor. You will have to confirm that. According to the AI we’ve been thrown back in time about two hundred years.”
“That’s why that dwarf looks so different,” Dr. Bushiri said in a low voice. “We’re in the past.”
Braun glanced at Snydor. “It seems again I failed you, my friend. Maybe there was a flaw in my equation after all.”
“It’s possible the AI suffered damage from the electrical charges that hit the ship.” Snydor said.
“Anything is possible.” Professor Braun shook his head. “I’ll have to go over my figures and find out what went wrong.”

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