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Thursday, August 21, 2008

End of August

Time for a bit of an update. Not much has happened lately and I can't believe that August is almost coming to an end. I’m busy with domestic chores and hardly did any writing, except for doing an edit for Mark of the Cobra, which is due to come out soon, I hope. There were a few things I needed to change. I approved a cover for Outpost Epsilon, which is also on the list of releases.
My other books have fallen back in sales at Fiction Wise. It’s like anything else. Unless you advertise constantly, the customers (readers) move on to other stores (authors).
My Science Fiction novel Epsilon is not going anywhere either. I wrote some background stuff. Introduced a couple more characters, but I don’t really know where I’m going with it. My mind just isn’t with the story. Sometimes that happens. Mark of the Cobra took me a long time to write because there always seemed to be another story that wanted to be written. I hope Epsilon isn’t one of them. I really like the world I created there. The novelette Outpost Epsilon is a forerunner of the novel. I’m torn if I should write in some erotic scenes or leave them out. I’m kinda getting tired of writing erotica. Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I wrote too many erotic novels. I don’t know.
I wish I knew if my readers buy my books because they are Science Fiction or because of the erotica. One of my stories ‘For Love of Arilee’ is part of the digest Sweet Challenge. It contained no erotica. Just a sweet love story set in the World of the Xandra. I don’t believe the digest sold that well.

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