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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mark of the Cobra

My novel Mark of the Cobra will not be published. At least not in its present form. My editor didn’t like it. According to her, it is not up to my usual ‘high standard’ as a writer. I don’t want to go into details about the reasons, but she is right. Therefore, I decided not to have it published. She gave me a lot of good suggestions and I will take her advice. She thinks it is basically a good story (a murder mystery), and I could make something better out of it. Alas, she is not the first person who didn’t care for the book. That is another reason I don’t want to see it published.
Right now, I would like to work on ‘Epsilon’. I am beginning to get a few ideas and the story is coming alive inside my head. All I need is the time to write.
I enjoy writing Science Fiction anyway more than contemporary novels. Maybe at a later date I will rewrite Mark of the Cobra, but it will be a different story. In the meantime, I’m waiting for ‘Outpost Epsilon’ to be published.

1 comment:

BionicPerry said...

Don't be too discouraged about getting Mark of the Cobra rejected!
Lots of manuscripts get rejected for lots of reasons.

And the fact that you also understand the reasons shows the mark of a good writer: any writer who thinks that their product is "finished" and "untouchable" when it is handed into the editor, and won't listen to criticism, is not a good writer ;-)

On to the next one as you say! And who knows...maybe one day you WILL rewrite MofC.

Hey! I still don't have copies of StarDogs! I want my copies!! :)