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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm back

It’s been awhile since I posted, but I took a little three-week holiday in Germany. It was great but now I’m back and ready to carry on with my chores and my writing. My novel ‘Orion, Symbiont of Passion’ is scheduled to be released next month, but I still have to approve the edits.
When I checked my book sales on Fiction Wise I received a nice surprise. Fourteen of my books (or digests that contain a story of mine) are in the upper thirty list. That means approximately 50% of the sales are from my books. That’s feels good.
Here is the list as of September 27, 2009:
Orion, the Hunt: 5
A little Holiday Romance: 11
Orola: 13
Outpost Epsilon: 14
Xandra 1: 16
Xandra 2: 17
Xandra 3; 19
Seeds of Chaos 1: 20
Cliffs of Time: 24
Beyond the Stars: 25
Seeds of Chaos 2: 26
Midnight Raunch: 27
Stardogs 1: 28
Stardogs 2: 29
Men of Eros: 46
Dual Visions: 51

Some of them have moved on the list today, some up, a couple slipped (Holiday Romance and Orola).

Check it out at Fiction Wise.

My novel Outpost Epsilon has been reviewed by Coffeetime Romance, but they have a major problem with their site right now and it has been shut down until they fix the problem. I will publish the link here when it is safe to do so.

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