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Friday, June 11, 2010

Tapestry of Dreams

My Anthology 'Tapestry of Dreams' is finally available from Fiction Wise after its publication by MS Fiction two years ago. Somehow it fell through the cracks and it never made it to Fiction Wise. The book contains eight of my short stories, including one of my favorites 'Sarah's Gift', a love story but also a Time travel story.
Some of the stories I wrote years ago, like 'Luugus', a Science Fiction story that takes place on a remote planet. Luugus is the name of one of the moons. When Luugus shines dreams become reality. Originally I wrote that story as a radio play. Yes, that's how long ago it was. They used to have radio plays in those days. The year was 1958. That version was written in German. I rewrote it many years later, translated it into English, added some new stuff and put it away again. When I took it out of the drawer and dusted it off, I rewrote it again, added some more stuff and ended up with the version it is now.
Le-itha is another old story. This one I also rewrote and switched the chapters around to make the story flow better. I also added a bit more erotica to bring it up-to-date with what readers like these days.
Right now it is at number 57 in sales with Fiction Wise, but I hope that my fans who buy from Fiction Wise discover 'Tapestry of Dreams' and make it move up in the charts. I haven't checked Fiction Wise for a while, so I don't even know when it was put on that site. It may already have been higher up and already slipped down again. I hope not.
My next new book is scheduled to be published in September. Stars in Chains, Book One, Slave. Book Two 'Liberator' will be out in October. After that I guess I'll have to promote a little more than I've been doing now. All of my books have slipped in sales. That's how it is these days. There are so many books published every day on the net by zillions of publishers. If a book isn't constantly mentioned it falls into oblivion. Sales are all about promotion. Some of the books that sell well are not necessarily better than the ones that don't sell. E publishing is fast moving. Here today, gone tomorrow. There is always a new kid on the block. It is important to stay in the lime light. Anyway, perhaps readers will also check out my other books. They are all still available. You can check them out on my website 'Herbert's World'.

Click on this link for Fiction Wise if you want to check it out.

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