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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


There are some changes coming. The bad news is my publisher MSFiction is closing its doors after December 2010. But the good news is that all of my books, published ones and to-be-published ones, will not cease to exist.
I’ve already signed contracts with my new publisher Melange Books, LLC. and I’m exited about this, because Melange Books will try to expand what MSFiction started and hopefully grow into a major publishing house. For instance, there will be a new line of books targeting the male reader, which means I have a good chance of selling more books since I write mainly male-oriented novels written from the male point of view.
Most if not all of my books will get new covers. The first three books in my ‘Xandra’ series will have new covers for sure. They have already been done by Bratt and I am quite excited with the new look. I’m at nearly 100,000 words with Book Four in the series, which will most likely end up as two novels (Book Four and Book Five). After that will come Book Six (and possibly Seven). I’m at 20,000 words with Book Six already. As soon as I’m done with Book Four (and Five) I shall continue with Six.
The cover for Book One of ‘Web of Conspiracy’, Death of a Hero, which is scheduled to be published in July 2011 (Book 2 in September and Book 3 in October), has also been done. I’m happy with it.
Here is a sneak preview of the first designs:

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Don said...

They really look great Herb. Good Luck with everything.