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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Almost available: Stars in Chains, Book Two, Liberator

Book Two of 'Stars in Chains' is ready to be published. I already have the pdf copy. It won't be available until after January 1st, 2011, that's when my new publisher Melange Books opens the doors. I don't know when my other books will be available again. There are going to be a few changes on my blog and on my website. I will have to delete all of the books and links and start from scratch. It will take some time until everything will be up and running again. As you noticed I've changed my header. It is part of the new cover picture of The Xandra, Book Three, Goddess of Life. I was getting tired of looking at the same picture and since so much is changing I figured it is time for a new header. I would like to change to header on my website, but I'm kind of limited there. The picture needs to be long and narrow.
So far I haven't found one suitable. I'm disappointed with what I can do on my website, but it is free from my Service Provider and I have to be satisfied with what they give me. I wish I could at least install a counter to see how many people actually visit, but the website doesn't accept html. It sucks.
Book Four and Five of 'The Xandra' is finished. Book Four is titled 'Lure of Seduction' and Book Five 'Escape from Paradise'. I won't be sending it to Melange Books until after the New Year. They have too much other stuff to deal with right now.
Now I'm continuing with Book Six of The Xandra. No title yet. There may very well be Book Seven. I have a lot of ideas in my head. Enough material for 2 books. Book Four and Five are each around 59,000 words long.
So hang in there and keep on checking for updates and how things are progressing. There will be new cover pictures and new links.

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