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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Aproaching the end of another year

Another few hours and we have to write 2014 onto our checks and letters. Postage in Canada will be going up in the new year, discouraging most people from sending out letters. I haven't been using regular mail for a long time now. Most of the stuff I sent is by electronic means. I wonder about the people who run Canada Post (I'm sure it is no different in other countries). They think by raising postage they will make more money. They sure have no idea about merchandising. Typical government mentality. If you need more money just raise the taxes, no matter the consequences.

Our railroads aren't run anymore efficiently, either. Mismanagement is one of the reasons they don't make money. Too many people collecting huge salaries and too little production. When I was still in business, I sometimes employed a couple of guys who worked for the railroad to help me out temporarily in wiring houses. (I was an Electrical Contractor). They usually worked nights for the railroad, that's why they had the time and opportunity to work during the day on other jobs. They told me they didn't work much on their regular job. They mostly relaxed and even slept sometimes. It meant they had the energy to still work for me and make some extra money. I heard stuff like that a lot from other people who worked for the railroad.

Anyway, I don't want to get carried away with that. I use my personal blog for venting about stuff like that. As for my own progress with my work, I'm at about 25,000 words with the novel I'm currently working on. No title yet, just the working title: Lews Canon. There is never enough time around Fall and Christmas. Hopefully in the new year I'll get more time to write. I've spent some time on it developing different characters and writing down important date so I can keep the story straight. It is a detective story written in a humorous tone. I hope I can keep it going until the end of the story. And I hope my efforts aren't going to be wasted because people may not want to read it.

I just read on somebody's blog about what readers like. Most like romance and paranormal stories, even romantic westerns. Perhaps I should write romance. When I was a teenager I read a lot of westerns and I loved them. I've always been fascinated with that era in time. Maybe I should try my hand at writing a western with some romance thrown in. I'd have to do a lot of studying up, though, like how cowboys talked and things like that. Shucks, I believe I'm gonna strap on my six-shooter right now, jump onto my bucking bronco and hit the dusty road. Sheriff McCalla is waiting for me down by the corral. I reckon I'll be seein' y'all by the ol' oak tree for the hangin...

It was worth a try...or maybe not.

For now have an easy slide into the New Year

I wish you a prosperous and successful 2014.

Happy New Year

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