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Monday, August 25, 2014

Is it Poetry?

I wrote about this stuff last year on my blog just before Christmas. So writing about it again means it is important to me. I’m not against new things; sometimes a change is good, but there are certain things that should not be changed. One of those things is poetry. I’ve read some crazy stuff, mumbo jumbo to me. I think if somebody wants to experiment with new styles and new ideas, they should give it a new name. So these are my thoughts on #‘Poetry’. Actually, I wrote a poem about it. Here it is:

The other day I read a poem
And it left me puzzled and perplexed
Where the heck is all this goin’?
And I worry what comes next

It didn’t make no sense to me
Just a jumble of crazy words
No rhyme or reason that I could see
Even when I read it backwards

I always thought the words should rhyme
That’s how it used to be
To write a real poem takes effort and time
Until it becomes a thing of beauty

They call it modernist whatever that means
It still sounds like nonsense to my ear
Just because a sentence has its own line
Don’t make it a poem I fear

I’ve never been a fan of modern art
Picasso has always left me cold
His poems may have been written from the heart
And his pictures for millions they sold

I don’t mean it is crap he wrote
It just isn’t my cup of tea
It is important here to note
He was a genius and will always be

Some people may say I’m a stubborn old mule
Perhaps afraid to embrace this new way
But I don’t think that I’m such a fool
To believe real art to its true form will stay

Herbert Grosshans ©2014

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