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Friday, January 02, 2015

The last movie in 2014

Watched December 30th, 2014

#The Equalizer with #Denzel Washington

It just came out on DVD. The Equalizer, starring Denzel Washington. The premise of the movie is nothing new or outstanding. It’s been done many times before. It’s about a man with a violent past who wants to lead a quiet, peaceful life, but it never happens. We’ve seen it in Westerns, like the 1953 movie ‘Shane’ starring Alan Ladd; and numerous others. I enjoy them every time, especially when they feature stars like Denzel Washington. My wife and I have been fans of Denzel W. ever since we saw his first movie. He is a great actor and has a powerful screen presence.

We watched the movie December 30th and it was an enjoyable evening. We were not disappointed. Both of us are suckers for ‘kick-ass’ movies. We loved the Death Wish movies with Charles Bronson. Who doesn’t like to see criminals get blown away instead of putting them in jail?

I’ve always loved stories about men with a secret past, be they ex-agents or gunslingers as in the movie Shane for instance. I’ve used those characters in my own stories. My trilogy Web of Conspiracy features Police Detective Jeff Chartrand, a former agent. PI Frank Hummer in Bullet of Revenge is a man with a violent past he likes to forget, so is Peter Hartmann in Mark of the Cobra. Both men are drawn back into the violent world they left behind. The hero Thomas Stone in my two-book Science Fiction novel Seeds of Chaos is a mystery man. He possesses powers he can’t control or explain and the search for his past takes him across the galaxy to different planets. He finally discovers his true identity on the planet Ramarra, which means Portal. In fact, his identity is revealed with the last word in the novel. (Don’t read that last word if you are interested in reading the books. Book One: Eden’s Gate and Book Two: Hell’s Gate ☺) You don’t want to spoil the ending.

Happy New Year

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