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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Codename Salamander

My latest Science Fiction novel Codename Salamander is finally ready to be published. It was a long road. After writing it, I submitted the novel to my publisher Melange Books LLC. It was accepted and I signed the contract. That was last year. It is a long waiting period between submitting a novel and having it published. There is always still lots of work to be done.

The editing process took a long time and after reading the novel so many times it was getting boring. I was anxious to get back to writing the novel I’m currently working on: Rhodar, the Barbarian - Saleen (Working title). By the way, I’m reaching 80,000 words with that one.

I discovered when having your novel edited by an editor, don’t get too complacent and trust the editor too much and don’t accept the suggestions and revisions blindly, as I did in the end. You still need to read the revisions because errors have a way of sneaking in. I found this out with Codename Salamander. Fortunately, my publisher sent me the PDF version of the novel and asked me to make sure everything is as I want it. I took the time and read the whole novel again, paying close attention to every sentence and word. To my horror I found a slew of errors. Nothing major, but enough to be annoying when reading the story. It is important to make sure the novel is error free. Some readers make it a habit to look for errors and that can be fatal to a novel. Actually, after a long period of being away from the novel, I enjoyed reading it again and I hope my readers will find as much enjoyment with it as I did.

Codename Salamander is the fifth book in my ‘Spider Wars’ series, that started with Outpost Epsilon, a short novel I published in 2008. After that I wrote and published three volumes under the sub-series ‘Lizard World’. All four books took place on a planet called Epsilon, a planet covered with giant mushrooms and teeming with dinosaurs and other nasty critters.

Anyway, everything was finally ironed out with Codename Salamander and the novel is ready to go to the printer. It will be released November 22nd, 2016. One more month. I can wait that long.

The artist did a wonderful job. She seems to have new, fresh ideas and designed a cover I’m quite happy with. It is bold and colorful.

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