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Friday, November 18, 2016

#Codename Salamander

My new novel ‘Codename Salamander’ Book One in my new series ‘Operation Stargate’ is scheduled to be published November 29 by Melange Books.

Operation Stargate is part of the larger series #‘The Spider Wars’, which I started with Outpost Epsilon, the prequel to the sub-series ‘Lizard World’, which is a trilogy so far, but that may change in the future.

#Lizard World:
Book One: Epsilon
Book Two: Epsilon City
Book Three: Lizard’s Tooth

I love the Universe I created with that first book and expanded with Lizard World. The events in Codename Salamander take place 15 years in the future of Lizard World. Terrex Stonewall, the main character in Outpost Epsilon and also one of the main characters in Lizard World appears again in Codename Salamander. Older but still very much alive and active. I’ve also introduced his nephew Bret Grayson, a man who possess an eidetic memory and he is a genius.

The book also features colorful and sexy alien females and a host of other aliens. There is a little bit of erotica in the book but nothing as explicit as in the other novels. I’m trying to keep explicit erotic scenes out of my novels now, but a bit of soft erotica enhances the stories. Let’s face it, sex plays an important part of our daily lives and ignoring it would be like pretending we don’t eat or sleep. When males and females, be they humans or aliens, spend time together emotions come alive and sexual sparks fly. It is a natural thing and healthy.

The day a beautiful woman won’t cause me to turn my head to watch her walk by will be a sad day indeed and I might as well bury myself. I love to look at beautiful women and I like to write about beautiful women, be they human or alien humanoids.

There is also intrigue and plenty of adventure in Codename Salamander, new worlds to be discovered with interesting aliens. I enjoyed writing the book and I’m planning to write more books either in the Lizard World series or in my new series Operation Stargate. The more I write about this Universe the more ideas pop into my head. There is so much potential when a created Universe becomes populated with different aliens and new worlds. The only limit is my imagination. Everything is possible. It is exciting to write these stories and I hope my readers will also find them entertaining and enjoyable.

The book was supposed to be published in October, but there were issues with the numbering of the volumes. That’s why I created a new sub-series for this book, which will allow me to write more books in the Spider Wars series without making things confusing. Problems like that pop up when you create a series from a book, unless as a writer I plan to write a series from the beginning. But that would make it too easy. Not every book written will be made into a series.

We also had to change the cover with new headings. Instead of Spider Wars it says now: Operation Stargate, which sort of gives away the premise of the book, but that's okay.

Drop by and visit me here and find out more about the book. Don’t forget to check in November 29 when it becomes available from Melange Books.

Here is the new cover:

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