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Friday, March 24, 2006

Of dogs and tobacco

There is nothing more disgusting than the sight of brown clumps on white snow every ten feet or so when walking down a street on a sunny winter’s day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a dog-hater. It’s the owners who annoy me.

We live in a quiet rural area. The only difference from living in the city is the size of our properties. We still like to keep our lawns nice. Unfortunately, some people, when they move out of the city, think they can keep large numbers of dogs and let them roam around free.

The other day we took our grandchildren for a sleigh ride around the block, when we were accosted by two large dogs. When I stepped between the sled my grandchildren were sitting on and the two dogs, the dogs growled at me and made threatening moves. I feared for the safety of my grandchildren. Had I had my rifle with me, I would have been tempted to shoot those dogs. Of course, I would have been the criminal then. Discharging a firearm in a residential area and killing two harmless animals would be only a couple of the charges. And let’s not forget the animal right’s activists! They always rear their ugly heads when someone harms an 'innocent' animal. I just saw Brigitte Bardot defending the seals again. Meanwhile we have 6 million of them, competing with us humans for the fish in the ocean.

Speaking of animal right’s activist, I’m a hunter. Yes, that’s right, I’m a killer of innocent animals, mostly deer. I’ve also been known to shoot rabbits, ducks, geese, grouse. And I eat them. I know, it’s a terrible thing. Most people, except the ’Veggies’, love their meat. Americans (and Canadians) love their steak, hamburger, hot dogs, turkey, and chicken in all possible forms. But most people don’t give a second thought to where all this meat comes from. They don’t like to think about the living animals they once were. Maybe the meat grows on trees. Maybe in a garden? Like lettuce? Seymon Kirlian, an amateur inventor and electrician of Krasnodar, Russia, apparently proved that plants are self-aware. Does that mean they are living beings? If that is the case, then all the Vegetarians are committing…dare I say the word…murder… every time they cut off a head of lettuce? Wow!

Some people get upset about everything and they want everyone to live according to what they believe. The animal right’s activists, the human right’s people, the religious fanatics, the health nuts. The list is endless. I’m not a smoker, and I don’t think people should smoke, but I don’t tell anyone they shouldn’t. If they want to kill themselves, that is their business. Now people are suing the tobacco companies, which is totally ludicrous. Nobody forced them to smoke in the first place. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions. It’s much easier to blame others. The government is trying to protect our health (right!!) by creating non-smoking laws, but tobacco products are still sold at high prices, a large portion of it being taxes. The price of cigarettes is different from province to province in Canada. Many times when we crossed the border from Ontario to Manitoba we’ve been stopped by the RCMP and asked if we had cigarettes. Because it is against the law to bring them across the border without paying Manitoba taxes. So much for the protection of our health. It is just a question of money. Our government people have a dilemma, they don’t want to loose the millions of dollars smokers bring to the coffers, but they don’t want to offend the lobbyists. More laws need to be created…

What’s that? Ranting? Me? I’m just sitting hear listening to my canary singing and staring at my screen. OH, I’m not supposed to keep animals cooped up in a cage? Then I’ll justgo and watch my fish in the aquarium…

If by now you shake your head and want to stop reading, wait, I’m actually heading somewhere with this. The non-smoking bylaw isn’t really something that is much on my mind, I could really care less if someone smokes or not, as long as it isn't done in my home or car. I just picked it to make a point. Many years ago, I read a futuristic story where smoking was prohibited. Anyone caught smoking was executed. We’re not that far--yet.

I’m a writer and I look at the world with different eyes. I question what I see and experience. I wonder why people do the things they do. I question religions, laws, customs. What is their origin? Why are certain things forbidden in one country, but legal in another? Which country is right, which one wrong? Why do people who pray constantly, who talk about god and love, hate others who don’t belong to their religion so much that they will strap a bomb around their bodies and blow themselves up, taking many innocent lives? How can they justify that? How can intelligent human beings become so brainwashed to believe that a just god will actually welcome them with open arms after committing murder in his name? Why would anyone be against abortion, calling it murder, but have no problem shooting the doctor who performs abortions? Just wondering.

I’m not judging anyone, but this is the kind of stuff I will use in my stories. Without real life, where would we get our ideas from? I write mainly Science Fiction. I ask: What if? And I will spice up my stories with erotica. After all, sex is part of our daily lives. Even though some people don’t like to talk or read about it. Sex is dirty. It can be, there is plenty of proof, but it doesn’t have to be; it can be beautiful and entertaining. It can be fun to read and to write. I’m having fun and I hope you do too.

So keep visiting me once in awhile and check out my blog. You might even read something you like. Buy my books (The first one will be published in May 2006. Book one of ‘The Xandra, Daughter of the Dark’. More after that.)

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Richard said...

hehe, good stuff. You should write a regular column in a newspaper, I think people would love to hear your rants and opinions put into stories:)
I agree, so called activists need to get their heads out of their butts and join reality. Hey, butts, get it! Good segway into the cigarette theme! HA!~
I would write more, but its late and I need sleep.