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Monday, September 18, 2006


It's September. I can't believe it. This coming Friday is beginning of Fall. I guess this means the hot days are over. Time to read a good book and a hot story to warm up. Summer Heat 3 from Midnight Showcase has toppled from Number One, but that doesn't mean it's not a good read. My story 'Gin and Tonic' is in that digest, among other excellent hot stories.
A little disappointment, Book Two, The Xandra, Mother of Light, never reached Number One spot . It is down to Number Five right now. Book One, Daughter of the Dark, is still selling well. Last I checked it was at spot thirteen. Book Three, Goddess of Life, should be available in October. I've done the last edit on it. So look for it.
I sent in another story of 21,000 words, a novella, I guess, to Midnight Showcase. It's a time travel story, 'The Cliffs of Time'. I also sent in my new book 'The Stardogs' to Midnight Showcase. I've received word that it will be accepted, but I haven't signed any contracts yet. The book is over 120,000 words long, so it will be published as two volumes. The first title is 'Return to Redsky', and the title of the second volume will be 'Redemption'.
Once I have more details about the publishing dates I will post it here. Maybe I'll even post an excerpt.
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