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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sales at Fictionwise

How quickly it happens. Last week The Xandra, Book Two, Mother of Light was at Number five position. Today, when I checked it, I find to my disappointment that it has dropped to Number 16. But Book One, Daugther of the Dark, is Number 15. I can only hope that when Book Three, Goddess of Light comes out in October, it will spawn some interest in the first two volumes.
If you happen to check out Midnight Showcase at http://www.midnightshowcase.com/ you won't find Book Two, even though it is being advertised in the banner at the top. Some glitch when they updated the site. I hope it will be fixed soon. You can find the books also at http://www.dppstore.com/ (look under Authors, then click on my name) or at
Right now I'm working on a short novella, which I wrote years ago, but now I'm re-writing it, because I liked the story, but it needs a lot of editing, since it is not just for my own eyes only. It is, what else, SciFi with erotic content. So far the title is 'Orion-The Hunt'. It will be 30,000+ words when it is finished.
Here is a short excerpt. Warning: sexual content.
Orion woke in the middle of the night to find Sheenah gone. He slightly opened up his senses, carefully searching for her mind pattern. Even her artificial mind shield couldn’t suppress it completely. A strong telepath could easily find her. He detected her almost immediately, which meant she was alive and close by. And in no danger.
He relaxed and pulled back his mind tentacles, falling asleep again.
When he awoke a second time and she still wasn’t beside him, he quietly crawled out of his tent. The air felt sticky inside the cave and smelled foul. At least he didn’t have to worry about insects attacking his nude body, since Giles had set up a light power screen to seal off the entrance.
From one of the tents came soft whimpering sounds and harsh breathing. Through the nearly transparent material, illuminated by the faint nightlight, he could see the outlines of a female body kneeling on the floor. A man, he recognized the profile of Andrew Trongsan, loomed over her, his lean buttocks pumping with strong powerful strokes.
Orion shrugged. He had no monopoly on the cat-woman’s favors. She could do as she pleased. I guess I didn’t satisfy her, he thought and went back to his tent, to find it occupied.
“I thought I’d visit you, since you are obviously alone.”
He stared at the blond woman. “What about Whyte?”
Lu-oona lifted her shapely shoulders, shaking her long golden hair out of her eyes. “He’s asleep. These last few days have been too much for him. He is exhausted, which suits me just fine.”
Orion crawled under the thin blanked and lay down beside her. “Did you come to talk?” He felt her warm skin touching his.
She smiled, reached up and switched off the nightlight. He caught a glimpse of her full round breasts and pink nipples before they were plunged in darkness. Her breath came faster and her long hair fell across his face as she slid on top of him. “We can talk later, let’s get to know each other better first.”
Her hot breath washed across his face. It hinted of perfume and flowery scents. His hand stroked her smooth back and moved across her fleshy buttocks, his finger gliding into the crease. He enjoyed the soft and spongy feeling of her large breasts against his chest.

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