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Monday, January 15, 2007

Excerpt from Seeds of Chaos

The lake looked peaceful and quiet, and the small, sandy beach seemed like a good place to relax.
A large animal that had been slaking its thirst took flight when we approached, disappeared into the forest. Renha threw her backpack into the white sand, and then she led the horses to the water. “I’m going to take a dip,” she announced and looked back at me. “I think it wouldn’t do you any harm, either.”
I watched her bodysuit pool around her ankles, watched her step out of it. Naked, she stretched, wiggled her lower body. In the light of day she looked even more beautiful. I also realized that she was still quite young, but with the fully developed body of a woman. Her short tail rested inside the deep cleft between her full, round buttocks.
She ran toward the water on long, slender legs, dove headfirst into it. Splashing and laughing she rose up, water dropping from her rows of breasts. “Come, join me. The water is refreshing,” she called.
“In other words: cold.” I laughed and began stripping off my clothing.
It did feel good.
Renha dove away. I chased her, caught up with her and clamped my hands around her hips. She wriggled in my grasp. Laughing, she turned around and pressed her breasts against my chest. Her hand snaked between us.
She broke the kiss, slipped out of my embrace. Lying on her back, she braced her feet against my thighs and pushed herself away from me. I had a glimpse of her dark thick triangle, and then she disappeared under the water.
“You’re a tease,” I called after her, but she didn’t hear me.
Laughing and blowing water she appeared again, quite a distance away.
“You are a tease,” I repeated.
She giggled and shook her breasts. “And you are very impatient,” she called back.
She began to wash her hair, rubbed down her body with her hands. She knew I was watching. Once in awhile she threw impish glances in my direction. The she came walking toward me, very slowly. Her upper two breasts jiggled softly. Even though she was very slim, I knew by the rippling of her muscles that she was quite strong.
“Want me to wash you?” she asked. Her slit pupils reflected the light from the overhead sun.
“Go ahead.”
She ran her hands down my body; they lingered on my shoulders, on my chest. I felt her long fingers digging into my biceps.
“You must be very strong,” she murmured.
When she stood in front of me, I pulled her to me. Grabbing her buttocks, I lifted her up. Her legs parted, wrapped around my body.

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