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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Hard to believe it is the year 2007. Let’s hope it brings more good things than bad ones. For us the year 2006 ended with a snowstorm, but what else is new? This is Manitoba, Canada, we’re used to it. Saddam Hussein is dead. Will it change anything in the world? I doubt it. His death will not stop the killings in that part of the world. I will never understand why people hate each other just because they believe in something different, or because their color of skin or shape of the eye is not the same. Difference is what makes our world colorful and exiting. How boring would it be if everyone believed the same thing, ate the same foods, looked the same, read and wrote the same stuff? That’s why it is so important that we read and write, educate each other, open our minds, learn and experience new things. One question I ask myself a lot. Why is it always religion that spawns this evil? I was taught that to be religious is good. Is it? Somewhere I heard once that no atheist ever murdered another human being for his religion. There is some truth to that. Killing another human being is murder, not matter what the reason.
When I woke up this morning the following ’Words of Wisdom’ popped into my head and I wrote them down. I don’t claim all of them are original, but I believe they are valid.

To be timid is to fail.
No success comes to the one who doesn’t try.
Speak to be heard, stay silent and be ignored.
Only a fool swims against the stream.
To reach the end one must begin.
To give up is the way of the coward.
Acting the fool makes you one.
Loves comes to the one who gives it, so does Hate.
An evil act does not spawn a good act.
Even a tiny spark can produce a large flame.
To deny the truth is to lie.
Even the tallest tree was once a tiny seed.
To give in does not show weakness, to be stubborn, does.
To try does not guarantee success, but not to try guarantees failure.
To give is to receive.
Lie and you shall be lied to.
A cheater is a liar
To be trusted one must show his true face, to hide behind a mask invites mistrust.
To forgive doesn’t mean one is forgiven.

But enough philosophizing. Book One of ’Seeds of Chaos’ may be available from Midnight Showcase as early as a week from now.

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