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Thursday, February 07, 2008

February update

I had to take a few days off writing to do some other things. Tarnished Valor is proceeding nicely. I’ve managed to write 125,000 words so far. Right now, I’m taking a little breather and doing some organizing with the story. I’ve created some new characters (important ones) and they have to be incorporated into the story to make them believable as important pieces of the puzzle. That is one of the hard parts in writing a story. All of the characters have to have a place. You can’t just introduce someone and then forget about him or her. Each character has to play a role. It is fun to create a new character and then flesh out his/her background. Sometimes that is important. I might just mention some incidents in their past in the story. That doesn’t mean I’m writing a whole history for each character, but I give them some thought where they are from and what they are doing. I don’t do that with minor players, only with the more essential ones.
All the stuff I still have to write to bring Tarnished Valor to its conclusion, I should have no trouble to reach 150,000 words. Maybe even more.
I just checked Fictionwise and found that Stardogs 1 has had the position 6 in sales for the last 20 days and Sees of Chaos, Hell’s Gate number 7. Not bad.
Right now Stardogs is at number 4 from 80 just 2 days ago. Eden’s Gate is at number 7 and Hell’s Gate at number 8. Book 3 of The Xandra was at 18, but when I checked a few minutes later, it had moved to a different position. It seems they’re changing the positions so fast sometimes that you don’t really know where their at. At other times, the list just sits there for days without changing.
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