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Monday, January 28, 2008

Month End

I can’t believe it is already the 28th of January 2008. I’ve been quite busy with writing my novel 'Tarnished Valor' and I am up to 118, 500 words right now. Today I’m taking a break from writing to do some other stuff. We’re supposed to get a Winter Storm tonight and tomorrow. So I might get a bit of writing done tomorrow.
My two novels ‘Orion, Symbiont of Passion’ and ‘Orola, Warrior Priestess’ have been accepted by Midnight Showcase for publication.
The following is my calendar of releases (with Midnight Showcase) for 2008:
February: Stardogs 2
April: Time Flares
June: Tapestry of Dreams
August: Outpost Epsilon
September” Mark of the Cobra

All of my other stories will be re-released as single titles.
I am checking Fiction Wise frequently to see how my books are doing there and I noticed that Stardogs 1 was at number 4 position January 21. It has slipped to number 5, but I am quite happy and a little surprised, because I haven’t done any advertising. Book 1 of ‘Seeds of Chaos’ was at number 13 position January 18, but has dropped to 69. All the other books are moving up and down. Usually, when I have a new release, they start moving up. Hopefully, this is going to happen again when Stardogs 2 comes out.

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