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Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I know I’m a few days late, but somehow I didn’t find the time to update my blog. Well, here we are. 2008. Two thousand eight. Already we’ve had two murders in Winnipeg. One shooting and one stabbing. I hope that is not an indication how this year will turn out. Two Canadian soldiers were killed yesterday in Afghanistan when their vehicle turned over. How many will be killed this year in a war that won’t change a thing in the region?
As I said in my last posting, nothing has changed.
In the USA, our neighbor to the south, a few people are trying to gain support for the candidacy of becoming the next President. Good Luck to all of them. I don’t envy the winner. He or she will inherit a big problem and may be blamed for the outcome in the future.
Speaking of the future, my second book of ‘Stardogs’, ‘Redemption’, is scheduled for release this month, but I haven’t heard anything from my publisher Midnight Showcase. I still have to choose a cover and do the final errata. Stardogs 1 is right now at number 21 position in sales at Fiction Wise, but my two books ‘Seeds of Chaos’ are doing well at number 14 and 11. ‘Dual Visions’ has slipped back to position 84 after moving up to number 20 in December.
Both stories ‘Cliffs of Time’ and ‘Orion - the Hunt’ are supposed to be released as singles this month. Maybe they’ll do better alone.
I’m also looking forward this year to the publishing of ‘Tapestry of Dreams’, ‘Mark of the Cobra’, ‘Time Flares’, ‘Orola, Warrior Priestess’, ‘Orion - Symbiont of Passion’, ‘Outpost Epsilon’, and the re-release of all my short stories as singles in the new Midnight Showcase store.
The progress with my novel ‘Tarnished Valor’ is slow. I don’t know what it is, but somehow I always seem to find something else that needs to be done and I’m not writing the number of words I would like to. Like right now; I should be writing the novel instead of doing this.
I find a spend a lot of time doing research, but I’m determined to finish this book, so I can write another Science Fiction novel. Somehow I’m more comfortable writing Science Fiction where I can let my imagination roam free and I’m not bound by facts, by real events and real locations. I can create societies and worlds and creatures that don’t exist in reality. They are already inside my head and want to come out, but I must finish ‘Tarnished Valor’ first. I must!
The world I created in my novella ‘Outpost Epsilon’ wants to be explored more and I have some ideas brewing for a longer novel. Maybe I’ll call it ‘Epsilon’. Usually, I write the story first and then I rack my brain for a title. This time it might just be the other way around. We’ll see.

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