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Friday, December 28, 2007

Year End

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I had. Spent time with family and friends. Ate too much food, too many cookies. There are only a few days left in the old year and then it is 2008. Hard to believe. Where has time gone? I can still remember waiting for the year 2000, a new century, and here we are, way into this new century. Will it be better than the last? So far not much has changed. We still argue which religion is the right one, people still get killed over it. You'd think religious people would love each other, because that's what religion is supposed to be. To worship a supreme being who loves everyone. That means Everyone, not matter what they believe. Any supreme being or God who condemns human beings who worship a god by a different name is in my mind not a true god but an impostor. A nobody. Not a supreme being. Period. A god who rewards his (her) worshipers for murdering innocent beings in his name is not a god. If you call yourself a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or belong to any other of the many religions on this planet and you are so narrow-minded that you can't love or at least tolerate others no matter what they believe or look like, you are not a true believer. I'm sure everyone heard this one: No Atheist has ever murdered anyone over what they believe. What does that say for religion? Not much. I'm not a atheist, but I'm not a religious fanatic either. I try to be open-minded about everything and I feel comfortable with what I believe. Live and let live. Find the positive side of a person, not the negative. Nobody is perfect. Of course, there are a lot of jerks and evil people out there. One only has to watch the news every night. Murders, break-ins, robberies. Like I said: Nothing has changed. I don't think much will change in the future. We might discover new things, new toys, new inventions, maybe even manage to go into space, but unless humanity evolves, we will go our merry old way. Maybe even destroy this planet in the process. We're killing off who knows how many plants and animal species every day by polluting the air, the water and the land, by cutting down the trees that give us clean air, by destroying the marshes that filter the water we need to survive. Our governments talk about the clean environment, but don't do more than talk about it. What we need are changes now, not in ten or twenty years. We need cars that don't pollute the air now. It will take at least ten years until the majority of people drive cars that don't spew poisonous gases into the air. But I'm afraid the big oil companies won't allow that. Money is more important than the survival of the human race (or the other living beings we share this world with). The attitude of big business is: Who cares what happens after we're gone. Who cares about the next generations! Let them clean up the mess we leave behind. Pretty sad.
Ah, I got carried away. I should stick to writing my stories, at least there I have some control of what happens.
Stardogs has slipped to number 7, but my other books are still hovering at their positions in sales at Fiction Wise. Book 3 of 'The Xandra', 'Goddess of Light', had slipped to number 85, but is back up now to 65. Not good, but promising. Book 1 and 2 are at 24 and 22. So I hope the people who bought the first two will buy the third one and move it up in sales.
Should this be my last entry this year I wish everyone who comes to visit my blog a Great New Year and may you find peace and happiness in everything you do. Don't forget to come back next year and check out how I'm doing. I have a number of books coming out from Midnight Showcase and hope to sell a lot of books, but without readers no book sales. So keep on reading.

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