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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Always these distractions from my writing! I just came in from blowing the snow from my driveway. I have a 12 horsepower John Deere Snowblower, but it still is hard work. The wind is blowing quite strongly from the north, that means I can throw the snow only one way: South, unless I want it blowing back into my face. It is damn cold out there. Minus 17, but the windshield is like minus 31. I got that from the weather channel. Tonight it will go down to Minus 34 and tomorrow will be another cold day. But, hey, it is winter in Winnipeg. We are used to the cold. When I was working as an Electrician I used to work a lot outside in this cold weather. Secret to keeping warm is to dress warm. I wore a snowmobile suit and boots with liners that are good for minus 80, if you keep moving. There is one drawback to dressing warm and bulky like that. It makes you tired.
It is nice though to get some fresh air, even if it is cold. Sometimes it is good to get away from the computer and the writing for a while.
We are still lucky in Manitoba. Other provinces, especially the ones by the oceans, have ice storms with power outages, and after that comes the flooding. It is not much better with some of our neighbors to the south. I’ll take Manitoba anytime.
I’m in the process of finishing up the last story in my collection featuring Orola, the Warrior Priestess, but then I’ll still have to edit all of them one last time and put them in order.
‘Orion, Symbiont of Desire’, is finished except for the last edit. Then I’ll send it in. With Christmas close, it probably won’t happen until next year. There is no hurry. I have plenty of books coming out.
I am very surprised. I posted the release of Stardogs on the groups I belong to and offered a free copy. I didn’t get one email in response. Strange, but Stardogs is still number one in sales at Fiction Wise, making me a very happy man.
Anyone reading this, the offer still stands. Just send me an email. You’ll find my address below in one of the other posts.

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