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Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome to my blog

Stardogs is finally available from Fiction Wise. I just checked it out and it is, of course, now on last place (Men of Eros, which includes my story ‘A Taste of Paradis’, has also been released today). I am really anxious to see how fast Stardogs climbs up the charts. It has a great intro from Fiction Wise, they call me ‘One of the hottest erotic Science Fiction authors around’. Almost makes my head swell.
Check it out here: http://www.fictionwise.com/eBooks/eBook53589.htm?cache

Or go to: http://www.midnightshowcase.com/RedskySD.htm

On my posts I promised a free copy of Stardogs. I’m only giving free copies to the first two visitors who send me an email to hegro@shaw.ca and ask for it. Once they are gone, I will give away a copy of any of my other books to the next three who respond. So if you’re sending me an email, give me an alternative, in case you are not among the first two.
Here is a list: of my books: Seeds of Chaos, Book One and Book Two. The Xandra Series: Book 1: Daughter of the Dark. Book 2: Mother of Light. Book 3: Goddess of Life. Or you can choose: Dual Visions. You can find out what the books are all about by visiting Fiction Wise or http://www.midnightshowcase.com/

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