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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A bit of an update

Just checked sales at Fictionwise. Stardogs 1 is still not available there. My publisher wants to keep new releases at http://www.midnightshowcase.com/ for a while for sale before they go to Fictionwise, because we hardly make any money from the sales there. The only reason the books are sold at Fictionwise is the fact that readers get to know our books and hopefully, they will visit our site and buy books there in the future. Next year should be better for profits when Midnight Showcase has its own store.
Even though I don’t have a new release with Fictionwise, my books keep on selling. They are moving up and down on the chart. Book 2 of Seeds of Chaos (Hell’s Gate) is at number 8 spot in overall sales in the last 20 days. Not bad. Today it is at number 9. Tomorrow…who knows? Book 1 (Eden’s Gate) is at spot number 23, up from number 50 two days ago. The Xandra series is also in the running with 35, 41, and 50. Last week Book 2 was at number 14.
Dual Visions has slipped to number 62 from number 7 a month ago, but it is still selling. Incidentally, last month Book 1 of the Xandra (Daughter of the Dark), reached position 6 in overall sales. It was at spot 4 exactly a month ago. That’s how the sales weave through the cycles. Quite interesting. It is important to have many books out there to keep all of the books in the reader’s minds. They read one and if they like it, they’ll buy more.
I only wish these sales would be huge numbers, but maybe it will happen some day.
I’m busy re-writing and editing a number of short stories I wrote over the years, featuring Orola, the Warrior Priestess. The first story in the series, The Kiir, has been published in Midnight Raunch it has received a nice review. All of the stories are connected, but they do stand alone. I am planning to have them all published in one volume, which should reach about 60,000 words. They are not sweet romance. I would consider them dark stories, but they always have a happy ending. They contain a lot of erotica and violence but they always have a story to tell. I don’t write erotica or violence for the sake of writing it. They do play a part in the story, sometimes a very important part, but they are not the story.
My book ’Tarnished Valor’ has been put aside for a while until I can get it going again inside my head. Sometimes I do have to take a break from what I’m writing and start something else.
I finished re-writing ’Orion, Symbiont of Passion’, a 56,000 words SciFi novel. I still have to do some editing, and then I’ll send it in to Midnight Showcase. Hektor Orion, the main character, has already been featured in my story ’Orion, the Hunt’, one of the stories in Dual Visions. It will soon be available by itself from Midnight Showcase. The other story ’Cliffs of Time’ will also be sold as a standalone novella. I’ve already seen the covers for both novellas. They look good.
Well, back to writing.

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