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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March update

I’m waiting for Stardogs 2 to be released. I haven’t even seen the cover yet. I’m a little disappointed about that. The book was supposed to be available in February already. My publisher Midnight Showcase has some problems with editors. Not enough editors. That of course drags all the new releases. All my other books are moving up and down at Fiction Wise.
I’m busy with my novel ‘Tarnished Valor’. My goal was 150,000 words, but I’ve passed that number. So far, I’ve written 162,000 words and still not finished. I might even reach 175,000 words. That would be nice. It’s funny, sometimes when I look at my outline of the story, I’m wondering how I’m going to reach my goal, but then when I write, the ideas seem to just come and I have no problem filling the pages.
The last 20,000 words or so I wrote into a scribbler, because I was away from my computer. Then when I came back, I transferred it into the computer, doing the first edit as I wrote. It takes longer that way. I find writing it on the keyboard is in a way easier, because when I want to insert something I can do it right there. It is harder when I use a scribbler. Then I have circles, and arrows and triangles everywhere.
Getting spoiled. Maybe some day I’ll have a laptop, which I can take with me.
I just came back from a little walk to pick up my mail. It is snowing outside and minus 11 Celsius. The wind isn’t bad, which made it bearable. Now I’m back in front of my computer, warm and toasty. It is difficult sometimes to take a break when the writing flows. But it is important to get the exercise and some fresh air.

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