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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Will they ever learn?

Sometimes I wonder about the mentality of people. The east coast of the US and Canada has been battered by a huge snowstorm these last couple of days. Now anyone with a partially working brain should know that when snow is blowing across the highway, visibility is low and the road surface is slippery. Why then don’t drivers slow down? I can understand it at the beginning of winter when the first snow is falling and drivers have to get used to the new conditions. Even then, the logical part of a person’s mind should kick in and say: “Hey, this is just like last year. We better slow down.”
I was watching TV last night and they showed a highway somewhere in Ontario. A car was spinning out of control and sliding down the highway at a speed much too fast for the situation. As it came finally to a halt, another car slammed into it. There were over 600 accidents in a very short time on another stretch of highway.
Are people actually that stupid or ignorant they don’t realize that they have to slow down? I don’t understand it.
We’ve had our own bad weather here in Manitoba. Bitter cold and another snowfall with the resulting usual vehicle accidents that follow. Living outside of Winnipeg, I’m on the highway a lot. How many times have I driven in bad weather, barely able to see the road, when a car or truck would pass me, I don’t know. Many times. I’ve wondered often if they are driving in a different dimension where there is no snow with slippery road conditions.
Of course, I’ve seen quite a few of these ‘I-am-safe-in-my-car’ drivers in the ditch or worse, smashed up down the road. I’ve just witnessed an accident where one car tried to beat the yellow light and had a near head-on collision with another car. An accident that should never have happened, because there is a warning light ahead of the intersection signaling the change of the traffic light from green to yellow to red. Once that warning light flashes, there is no way you can make it across by green, or even yellow, unless you speed up. And that is the greatest danger and the most stupid move.
Will they ever learn and smarten up?
On a lighter note. Today the clocks were set one hour ahead into Daylight Savings Time. It’s earlier this year. Why they did that escapes me and it makes no sense. We’re supposed to save electricity. How? The time we turn on our lights just shifted from evening to morning. Anyway, now we have to get up an hour earlier. Yak. Even our canary didn’t like it. Usually he is chipper and hops around. Sings. When I say to him ‘good morning, how are you today?’ he comes, spread his wings and bites my finger. (It’s a ritual we have. I know it’s silly, but what the heck! Other people take their dog for a walk) Not this morning. He just sat there on his perch, all puffed up and just opened his beak a couple of times to acknowledge me. No chirping, no singing. I guess we’re all creatures of habit. Even the birds. I wonder if the birds outside have Daylight Savings Time? I didn’t see them in the birdfeeders.
Have a nice day.


atypicalheroine said...

Uniquely interesting blog; a good read.

Herbert Grosshans said...

Thank you.