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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Something is wrong

What is wrong with this picture?

Nothing really, not with the picture, except this was taken out of my window today. It is May, not December. There should be no snow.
This is something the weather people didn’t forecast. Sure, we live in Manitoba, but even here it should be warmer at this time of year. I want to plant my garden in a couple of weeks. The summer is short enough as it is. Sometimes we get snow in October and it stays.
I’ve worked hard in my yard last week, getting it ready for the summer. A managed to rake all the dead grass and take it to the dump. I had a whole van full of it. It’s always a grueling job but it is done. My joints ache. Actually, this snow is not bad because as it melts it will soak into the ground. We do need the moisture. My yard is ready for the next step, which is putting on fertilizer and weed killer. Those dandelions will make an appearance soon enough.
In my spare time, I worked a bit more on my novel ‘Epsilon’. I don’t know yet where I’m going with it but some ideas are beginning to take shape. I’m busy writing some of the background, which has been hinted at in my short story ‘Outpost Epsilon’, soon to be published.
MSFiction is up and running again. There may be some glitches still, but minor. Check it out.

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