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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hello Spring

It looks as if Spring is finally here to stay. Just look at the chokecherry tree. There’ll be a lot of chokecherries this year but we won’t get any. The birds are pretty quick gobbling them up. My garden is growing nicely, even though we had a bit of frost May 26 and some of my plants did get a touch of freezer burn. I lost my only basil plant. Maybe I’ll buy a new one. I usually buy the tomatoes and the peppers, the rest I seed. The beans and radishes are popping out of the ground and I hope the rabbits don’t show up to nibble on the beans. As cute as those little critters are, they can ruin a garden in no time.
I can’t believe it is already June 3. Where is the time going? Not much time left for our summer. We can get frost sometimes in September. My plants better hurry up. I need those peppers and tomatoes so I can make Salsa. I planted 2 hot Hungarian Peppers this year to give the Salsa a bit of a bite.
My book ‘Tapestry of Dreams’ still isn’t available but I hope it won’t be long now. The new Midnight Showcase site isn’t quite finished yet. However my books can be found there and are ready to be bought.
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