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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Welcome Visitors

I hope you like what you see. Stick around for a while and check out my postings. Since it is almost summer and just for visiting I'll send you a free download of my story 'Gin and Tonic', originally published in the digest 'Summer Heat'. It is no longer available because some of the other authors didn't renew their contract. Hopefully, it will soon be available again in a different digest. Be the first one to read it. Send me an e-mail and ask for it. My address is hegro@shaw.ca

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Caffey said...

Hi Herbert I hope they do re-release that one so others have the thrill to read it too, maybe even as a romp, or something!

I'm here visiting again and reading up, so I can catch up and find out all thats happening with your writing!