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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Coming soon

Just finished sending back the edited version of 'Orola, Warrior Priestess'. My editor culled quite a bit out of the original version to make it more marketable and to make certain it doesn't contain any material that is not approved by presently accepted moral guidelines. The stories have much erotic content. I wrote them years ago when I didn't worry about having them published.
Sometimes as writers we might go a little overboard and go past what is accepted by the 'Moral Police' and what isn't. That is fine when we write for our own amusement but not when it is intended to be published. Then out comes the editor's red pen, and that is okay with me. I believe the final result is a good book and I'm looking forward to its publication.
I have to thank my editor, Jane Carver, for spending so much time with the book and caring enough to make it a good read.
Actually, it contains seven short stories featuring Orola, but they are all connected, even though I wrote them in the span of about ten years. I wrote the last story first. Then I began writing more, following Orola on her journey across a planet filled with dangers until she ended up in the place described in the final story.
The first story 'The Kiir' was already published once by itself and once in the digest 'Midnight Raunch'.
I haven't done much otherwise with my writing. The novel I'm currently working on, 'Epsilon', has progressed to about 30,000 words. I've been too busy working in the yard and getting our property ready for the winter. Once the snow is on the ground and nothing else to do outside but shoveling snow I should be getting a bit more time to devote to my writing.

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Linde Lean Romance Author said...

Interesting to come across your blog, enjoyed.
Happy writing and a good editor cannot be underestimated they add a world of value, really super super people the lot of them.