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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time flies

Hard to believe this is the end of November. I went on my yearly deer hunting trip from November 8 to November 14. I can't say I was successful. I didn't see any deer from my stand. The area where we hunt is changing. Many trees have died because of the beavers that build dams and flood the land. There is a lot of swamp now where forest used to be.
The weather didn't co-operate either. It rained for a couple of days. It was much too warm for the hunt. Most of the deer were still on the surrounding farmland. They only come into the bush once it gets cold and the snow gets too high. No snow this year.
I had to re-build my stand this year. The wood was beginning to rot. The old one lasted 15 years. I guess that it not bad. I didn't build a new one, as I had planned, just fixed up the old one. It should be good for many more years, but I may have to build another one at another spot. I checked out the area where we hunt and I found a nice clearing that looks promising. But that will be next year. Let's not rush it.
Since I came back I managed to write a bit for my novel Epsilon, but progress is slow. Right now I am in an organizing and cleaning up mode. My garage needed to be cleaned out. It is beginning to look good now. I never realized how big it is. I took a few trips to the dump and threw out a lot of stuff. I've retired from my Electrical Business and there was a lot of stuff I thought I could use, but that is not going to happen anymore. Things like old panels, pieces of wire, boxes, screws, bolts. I found stuff I didn't know I had.
Hard to throw things out, but sometimes you have to make a decision. You know the old saying: If you haven't looked at it for three years you don't need it. Well, some of the stuff I had was older than that, much older. It's is in the dump now.

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