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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unbelievable. A political comment.

Unbelievable! We’ve finally voted in a government after spending 300 million tax-dollars on the election. Now the opposition, who promised to work with this government and try to turn the economy around, decides they want to topple it. The Liberals, the NDP, and the Bloc Québécois want to form a coalition government. The Bloc, which is a party only in and for the province of Quebec, immediately puts conditions on this preposterous plan. They want more federal money for Quebec and government employees in Quebec are required to speak only French. Pardon me? Only French? And the rest of Canada has to speak French and English? But that is another subject.
What makes this planned coup almost laughable is the blatant transparency as to the reason: 30 million dollars. That is the money the government is not going to give to the political parties. In other words, this whole thing has nothing to do with the good of the people but only the good of the politicians.
One commentator on TV said, “This is Democracy at work.”
I would like to dispute that. Democracy was at work when the people of Canada spoke in the last election. And they clearly voted for the Conservative Party. If not for the Conservatives then for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. They didn’t want the Liberals, not the NDP, and certainly not the Bloc Québécois. I still can’t understand how a party that has no members in the rest of Canada can have fifty seats in the federal government.
The Bloc has no interest in Canada. Its only interest is the province of Quebec. In fact, that party wants to destroy Canada.
Overthrowing the government by a non-confidence vote now will put Canada on the same level as the so-called Banana Republics. It will wipe out the respect we have in the world that sees us a stable country.
Right now, we need stability to bring back confidence in the markets and in the economy of Canada and the rest of the world. The kind of behavior these political parties are showing is dangerous and irresponsible. It clearly shows that they don’t have any interest in the welfare of the citizens of this country but only care for themselves.
Since the Liberals, the NDP, the Bloc, and the Green Party rely on federal money because they don’t have any backers only means they are not popular and possibly not wanted by the majority of Canadians. That is Democracy at work.
We don’t need or want a government that gets into power by force. We are still living in a Democracy and we’d like to keep it that way, even though there are forces out there that want to change that. That worries me. Maybe we should have a closer look at the people who are behind this.
Just my opinion.

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