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Monday, December 01, 2008

Another political comment

Jack Leighton, the leader of the NDP, has been recorded as saying that the idea of overthrowing the government has been planned long before the election. They (the Liberals, the NDP, and the Bloc) have been waiting for an opportunity to put their plan into action. And Prime Minister Stephen Harper fell into the trap.
Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff, and Dominic LeBlanc had a secret meeting yesterday to discuss who should be the next leader of the Liberals and therefore the next Prime Minister after the coup.
Their current leader, St├ęphane Dion, is to be replaced because he didn’t lead the party to victory in the last election. Dion never struck me as being ‘Prime Minister’ material. I guess the Liberals realized this too late and now they are trying to discard the people’s wishes and take over the government by force.
They (the Coalition) have no concrete plans as to what they are going to do after their successful attempt. All they have are big words about what needs to be done. Their main objective right now is gaining power and keeping the money flowing into their coffers. Never mind who pays for this.
They have no plan. They don’t even know who is going to be their leader. How in the world can we trust people like that?
We send observers to other countries to make certain that voting is done in accordance with democratic principles and without cheating, yet here we are facing a hostile takeover of a government that was voted in by a democratic process. How can we ever criticize others if we allow this to happen?
Jack Leighton, Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff, Dominic LeBlanc, Gilles Duceppe, and who knows how many others have been scheming to overthrow the legal government.
Isn’t that called Conspiracy? Isn’t that a punishable offense?
Just wondering.

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