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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More political comments

Well, Michael Ignatieff is the new leader of the Liberal Party after they ousted Stéphane Dion. Bob Rae graciously stepped back. He realized the rest of the Liberals didn’t want him. That means there was nobody else left. Talk about a democratic vote. Let’s hope Mr. Ignatieff has more sense than the rest of them, forgets about overthrowing the legally elected government of Canada, sits down with the elected Prime Minister and starts working for the country. It is time they stop bickering and begin earning their high salaries. Jack Leighton of the NDP is obviously not going to give up that ill conceived scheme. The Unions won’t let him.
The Bloc Québécois don’t care either way. Their only interest is the province of Quebec. They couldn’t care less about the rest of the country.
I’m wondering, if we should have another election and the Conservatives don’t get a majority government, will this whole cycle start again? Will they finally give up and let the democratic process take over or will they carry on with this madness?
The whole world is in turmoil. Our country is in a recession. People are losing their jobs and all these politicians can think of is saving their own skin. The country be damned.

Of course, the United States have their own problems. A governor trying the sell Obama’s vacated seat in the Senate is only one thing. Now there are forces out there who want to find out if Obama was involved in that scheme. He says he didn’t know anything. I wish that is so, because otherwise we’ll face more disaster. They’ll bury him.

The Free World has many enemies. They want to destroy the United States of America, and with it all the other democratic countries who enjoy freedom. They are using this Freedom of Choice against us. We can’t let that happen. That is one of the reasons this whole fiasco we have with our own Canadian government right now must be stopped. Democracy must prevail.

Sometimes I wonder who is behind all this turmoil in the world. Obviously, it is man-created, like most problems we’ve had throughout the centuries of man’s existence. Nobody will ever find out who is responsible for the chaos we are in, but we can be assured, somebody will make money from it. Sounds like a conspiracy theory? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

It is fun to write about these things in a novel. But that is fantasy. It doesn’t affect us; only entertains. Possibly makes us think. What is happening right now in the world is reality and no fun at all.


Anonymous said...

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Don said...

Well where that car thief got beat up was just a couple of blocks from me. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened and will probably happen again. The inconvenience of losing your car but in the end we are all paying for it thru our insurance. The cost of damage and in some cases innocent people getting killed or injured. Nothing gets done to these guys and if they are charged or even (very rare) sent to jail it's like a medal of honor for them. Things need to be changed.

Good luck with your book Orola, Warrior Priestess when it comes out.