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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year

I can’t believe we are already four days into the year 2009. It’s been nearly a month since my last post. Our political situation has not been resolved, just postponed. The Liberals have a new leader and gained back some popularity and the NDP have lost ground with the general public. People don’t like radicals. Unfortunately, they’ll be rearing their heads again. Leighton has openly admitted that he wants to bring down the Conservative government. No matter what. This time he may not get the support from the Liberals. One can only hope. Right now is not the time to go crazy. The economy is getting worse, even though governments around the world are trying to stimulate the economy by pumping billions of dollars into it.
The autoworkers are fighting for their jobs, but if they don’t make any concessions, they’ll lose them. They’ll never find a job again that pays them that much money. An autoworker makes more money than a professor!
If they want people to buy American cars they’ll have to bring down the price and stop building gas-guzzlers.
I know our next car will probably be a foreign car. It’s just plain economics. Many are built right here on the North American continent. The workers work for lower wages. $45.00 an hour is not exactly a low wage. Just talk to anyone who works for minimum wage! The same people who buy cars.
Sometimes you have to face reality. I remember in the late 1980ies and early 1990ies after the market crash of 1987 the building industry came pretty well to a standstill. I was an Electrical Contractor at the time. All the General Contractors I worked for either retired or quit building. Suddenly, I had no work. I put in a lot of bids but couldn’t get any jobs. My prices were too high. I vowed I wouldn’t work for less, but financial hardship forced me to adjust. I lowered my price and voila, I did get jobs.
Sure, I was not happy, but at least I was making money to pay the bills.
That is the way life is. You either adapt or you perish. It’s as simple as that. You can’t force things. Force has never been the answer to anything.
Something else I would like to mention. We have a lot of problems here in Winnipeg with car theft. People are getting fed up with it. We had our car broken into a number of years back. The police did nothing. If they do catch those criminals, they usually end up on the street again so they can keep on doing their business. Stealing cars, smashing them and possibly even killing innocent people while on their joyride. A couple of days ago, one of the car thieves got beaten up when he was caught breaking into a car. His picture was put onto the internet. Big uproar from the Bleeding Hearts. It’s funny how criminals always end up the victims.
Most of these car thieves are repeat offenders. The police know their names. Many of them come from a certain ethnic background, but it can’t be mentioned because it would be considered racial slur. That is illegal in Canada.
Yeah, the criminals always hide behind the law. That’s what makes a free country like Canada and the United States so great.
Years ago someone I know beat up a guy who tried to break into his neighbor’s house. Broke his arm. Guess what? He was sued by the criminal for assault. What a joke!
It seems criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens.
I’ve been getting some writing done over the holidays. I’m trying to write something every day; even it is only a couple of paragraphs. Eventually I’ll get the story finished. I’m close to 50,000 words now with my novel Epsilon.
I also dug up some ideas I had written down. Beginning of stories.
One is about an Immortal, no title yet, but it takes place here on Earth. The other one is also about Immortals, but the background is more complex. In the far future. On some other planet. Perhaps more than one. The title so far is Yulan.
The third story starts out with a bit of humor. Titled Mark Cannon. Private Investigator. I don’t know where I’m going with that one.
A fourth story I started long time ago is about Rhodar, the Barbarian. The title Saleen. Rhodar was featured in one of my stories in the book Tapestry of Dreams.
If I get stuck with Epsilon I have those to work on. That way I won’t sit idle. Who knows, another story might just pop into my head.
My book Orola, Warrior Priestess still isn’t available. It was supposed to be published before Christmas, but it didn’t happen. My publisher at Midnight Showcase Fiction had her computer crash on her. I’m hoping the problem will be resolved soon and Orola will be available. I will post it here and on my website.
Thanks for visiting and reading.
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