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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stars in Chains and other updates

Just got an email from Midnight Showcase Fiction that my novel 'Stars in Chains' has been accepted and my contract is forthcoming. I sent it in August 31. So this is the longest time I had to wait for a positive answer from MSFiction.
I'm busy with my novel 'Epsilon'. It took me a while to get back into the story, but it is beginning to flow. I left it alone and wrote 'Stars in Chains', which took longer to write than anticipated; it also got longer than I had planned. But once I was fully into the story, I couldn't stop writing and more and more stuff popped into my head.
That's usually the way it happens. I'm over 70,000 words now with 'Epsilon' and no end in sight. I'm beginning to enjoy the story again. I had sort of met a roadblock when I was at 60,000 words. That's why I started with 'Stars in Chains', originally titled 'Mindgod'.
'Epsilon' won't have as much erotica in it than my other books. There'll be some to spice up the story a bit. I have a feeling my readers expect it, but perhaps I can attract a different group of readers. Not everyone likes erotica.
Once I'm done with 'Epsilon', I will continue with Book Four in the Xandra series, of which I've written around 20,000 words so far. I'm excited about that story also, but it will have to wait, even though it keeps calling to me once in a while. I MUST RESIST THE CALL OF THE SIREN. I MUST!
I have no title for it yet. That one, also, will have fewer sex-scenes in it. I want to concentrate more on the story itself, even though all my tales, no matter how much or little erotica they contain, do have a story line. They are not just one mindless sex-scene after another.
But you can find that out for yourself by reading them. Don't just take my word for it. ^_^

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