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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Symbiont of Passion is alive

Finally. Symbiont of Passion is live on MSFiction. That is one of the problems with publishing. It takes sometimes forever until a novel or story is published. I sent it to MSFiction in February 2008. That's over a year. That is a long time to wait. A long time of anticipation. But now the wait is finally over. I wrote the story probably over twenty years ago. I decided to bring it out of its drawer and rewrite and edit it. It has quite a bit of erotica in it; there was more when I wrote it. I culled much of it and rewrote other scenes. I believe it's a good story. Science Fiction, what else? This is the second story featuring Orion. The first one was 'Orion, the Hunt', also available from MSFiction.
Orion is an Agent for the Colonial Worlds of Sol Terra. He is human, on the outside, but inside he is much more. Part of his mind is alien, immortal. He possesses certain powers, like telepathy. But read the stories and you'll find out.
Anyone sending me an email at hegro@shaw.ca and mentions that he (she) read my blog and tells me on which site he (she) saw my post will get a free download of 'Orion, the Hunt'. I will also draw one name for a free download of 'Symbiont of Passion'. That will happen Friday, October 23. I will announce the winner on the sites and the winner will also be notified.
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Check out my website Herbert's World for another excerpt.

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