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Saturday, April 03, 2010

More signs of Spring

A couple of days ago we had over fifty Robins in our trees. Must be the same flock that passed through last year, only this year they are about two weeks early. The Juncos (a type of Sparrow) are also back. They are busy cleaning up the grass of all the bird-seeds the winter birds have littered onto the ground. We've also seen a few Blackbirds in the feeders. Last night it snowed a little, but today the snow is melting away. Maybe it will stay away now.
Yesterday I went to a Tropical Fish show put on by our local fish club 'The Winnipeg Aquarium Society'. It was quite interesting and it gets me fired up again. I have three tanks set up. One of the aquariums is a 100 gallon tank and is full of Guppies. Nothing else. They breed freely. I also have one 20 gallon tank with 4 African Cichlids. I used to belong to the WAS over 30 years ago, in fact I was the Program Committee Chairman for a couple of years. In those days I was deep into fish. I had over 30 tanks in my basement, but then I sort of lost interest. Too busy working for a living, not much time for hobbies.
Of course, now I spent most of my time writing. I guess we do whatever we feel is most important.
These are pictures of 2 African Cichlids and a Discus that were on display. Seeing beautiful fish like this is enough to wet my appetite again for getting back into the hobby.

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