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Thursday, July 05, 2012

I'm a guest blogger at BTS

I’m a guest blogger today at Book & Trailer Showcase. I’ve written an article about getting published. If you’re interested check it out here: http://booktrailershowcase.com/2012/07/04/how-to-get-published/

On other news: Book 6 in the Xandra series, 'Iceworld' will be published July 29.
'Bullet of Revenge' may also be published on that day. My editor believes it should be ready by then.

Book Seven of the Xandra, no title yet, is slowly progressing. I've written 48,000 words so far. The last scene I wrote went a different way than I had planned, because one of the characters acted impulsively and I followed the new trail. I'm happy with it. That's just how it goes sometimes. As you write a new thought suddenly appears and it is sometimes a smart thing to follow it. It it doesn't turn out there is always the 'delete' button. But once I've written something I hardly change it. I may tweak it a little but very seldom I will delete the whole thing.

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