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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Adventure on an alien world

When I wrote the first chapter of 'Daughter of the Dark' many years ago I had no idea it would be the first book of a series. I am at 60,000 words now with Book Seven (no title yet). It is the continuation of the story that began with Book four, Lure of the Xandra. Books four and five tell the story of Rob Cameron. Book six, Iceworld, (the latest book in the series), is about a small group of researchers who became stranded on the fifth planet in the system and it is their story. Book Seven will continue what I started in Iceworld, but Rob Cameron and his group will also appear in Book Seven. Who knows, it depends how it ends, there may even be Book Eight.I love the world I created and I enjoy going back there in my mind and write about it. There is a short story 'For Love of Arilee' in my anthology 'Time Flares', one of the three books released last month by Melange Books. The story is set in the Xandra World but 300 years in the future of the events taking place in 'Iceworld'. Another story in Time Flares, 'Remember me next Christmas', also takes place in the Xandra World. This one more than one thousand years in the future of the story in Iceworld. Perhaps some day I will write a few more short stories and put them into an anthology.

Of course, the whole series contains plenty of Erotica. Even though I'm writing less erotica these days (there is no explicit sex in 'Bullet of Revenge', and not as much in Book Seven, I still have to keep it in the Xandra series for those readers who enjoy erotica.

Each book can be read independently, but it makes sense to start the series at the beginning. To wet the appetite, I will give away Book One, Daughter of the Dark, to anyone who is interested. Just send an email to hegro@shaw.ca and ask for it.

Also, I will take all of the emails until August 30th and draw one lucky winner to receive all six books in the pdf version for free. I will also give away randomly a few copies of Iceworld. Anyone who has read the earlier books but not all of them, tell me which one you would like and I will send it to you for free.

Thank you for visiting. Look around, perhaps you'll find something else you are interested in. All of my books are available from Melange Books, LLC. Just click on the covers and it will take you there.

In the meantime, enjoy all the beautiful covers of my books.

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Clare Dargin said...

Your book looks cool. I love reading and writing books on icy worlds. Both of my books at Decadent (being edited) are set in that realm. I'd love a copy. I don't know your e-mail.