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Saturday, February 09, 2013

MFRW Blog Hop -My First-

Welcome to my blog. The theme for this blog hop is ‘My First’.
I don’t really write romance novels, but in all of my books there is a certain element of romance. Without that, my characters would never have any intimate encounters.

The book I’m featuring here is the first of two books in ‘Stars in Chains’, a Science Fiction novel. ‘Slave’ tells the story of David Stark, who is abducted by aliens and kept as a slave. It is also a story about love. The book begins when David Stark finds again the young girl he met ten years ago. She was his first true love. He could never forget her and she haunted his dreams every night.

Here is a short excerpt:

His thoughts came to an abrupt halt.
A shape on the side of the road.
A girl…waving her arms.
His tires screeched as he hit the brakes. Before he realized it, he had
stopped and backed up toward the girl who came running. He opened the door
for her and she slid into the bucket seat.
“Hi, what are you doing walking on the road at this time of night?”
Looking outside, he noticed there were no houses. Without comprehending,
he had left the city.
She smiled shyly, hooding her eyes with one hand. “I ran away,” she said
with a soft voice. She had a strange, heavy accent. A strangely familiar
“So you ran away,” he said. Looking at her, he noticed that she was
practically nude. She wore a transparent cape that didn’t hide anything.
She wore a small red cloth around her hips, like a loincloth, to cover
parts of her lower body.
He kept his eyes on the road, but the sight of her shapely legs and nude
white hips made his loins pound with desire. He cursed under his breath for
getting himself into this situation. Picking up a naked girl-hitchhiker was
never a good idea.
“Would you get my cigarettes from the glove compartment, please,” he
She reached into the glove compartment and handed him the package.
“Take one for yourself,” he said.
She shook her head. “No, thank you. I don’t smoke.” She brushed her
long black hair out of her face and looked at him for the first time.
An icy breath seemed to touch his mind as he looked into her eyes.
They glowed softly in the dark. She had the eyes of a cat.
The strange people in the Brazilian jungle. He remembered their eyes.
They had eyes like the ones that looked at him now. The same eyes that
haunted him every night in his dreams.
She smiled gently. Her hand reached out and touched his arm. “Hello,
David. I finally found you.”
Her soft voice awoke something in his sub consciousness. He
remembered a girl—a girl with strange eyes and an enchanting voice. She had
looked after his needs, feeding him and washing him, as he recovered from
his wounds. Sometimes she sat beside his bed and sang for him with that
sweet, alluring voice. One night she came to him…

I hope you’ve read this far and want to read more. Feel free to check out all of my books. Should you like one, send me an email to hegro@shaw.ca and tell me which of my books you would like to read. I will draw a few names from the emails I receive by February 14, Valentine’s Day, and send you a free pdf copy of the book you selected.

Come back again and happy blog hopping.

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