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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dark World, Book Eight in the Xandra series

I've edited Dark World and got it ready for publishing with Smashwords. I've even designed the cover already. I was aiming for October, but I think I'll publish it end of September. I'm disappointed with the performance of Book Seven, Alien World. I expected more action, but it isn't happening. Hopefully, when Dark World is published, it will generate more interest in Alien World.

I'm beginning to wonder if I should continue writing Science Fiction. Are readers actually interested in buying and reading it? I've got a few different story ideas, beginnings of stories that I may work on. It's just, I love my Science Fiction. I'm comfortable writing it. When I write a contemporary thriller, it involves doing a lot of research. It is important to get places right, history, things that are in the news, and everything has to be correct. I've never been to New York, for instance. So writing a story that takes place in New York is difficult. I can't just make up street names and other stuff. When I wrote my contemporary thriller 'Web of Conspiracy', I spent a lot of time on the internet doing research about Iraq and other places. I've never been there and I knew nothing about the culture, its people, cities, countryside, and other important information. It was interesting to do the research, but also time consuming. I have to do nothing like that when I write Science Fiction and Fantasy. I can make up anything and make it plausible. It is important to have a fertile imagination, which, fortunately, I do have.

So we'll see what I'll come up next.

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