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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Do you need a website?

As authors we want to get our name and product out to the public. How do we do that? There are many ways it can be done. We make comments on forums, join groups where writers and readers meet. We have blogs and websites. So what to you write about? Obviously, we write about our books, but not every writer has many published books, especially the newcomers. You can't constantly write about the one or even the two or three you may have. Readers get bored with that.

I have 28 published books so far, but even I have problems with what I should write about. My next book is waiting to be published, and I'm at 10,000 words into the book I'm currently working on. I'm not as prolific as I used to be, because I've decided to spend more time with other things I'm interested in. I'm not making a living with my writing, anyway. It is a hobby and sometimes I'm a bit disappointed and discouraged with the few books I sell.

I think I'm a good writer and I try to put out a good and entertaining product. I take my time writing and editing. I advertise on the groups and on my blog. I even have two websites. I have no idea if I actually get any visitors on my first website http://www.hegro.shawwebspace.ca, because it doesn't allow me to install a sitemeter. My latest website http://www.fictitioustales.weebly.com has a sitemeter. In the beginning I received many visitors, but that has fizzled down to pretty much 0 visitors. I spent a great deal of time building the website and it looks great. All my books are listed, with the beautiful covers, I even have a few excerpt, but that's all I can do. I do have a blog with the website, but I am using this one to write about my books and my personal blog http://www.hergros.blogspot.com to write about more personal stuff, things that interest me and things that bug me.

I am getting more visitors to my personal blog, which tells me that people are more interested in me than in my books. And that is fine. I feel honored by the interest.

This all makes me wonder: Do I actually need a website? What really is the use to have one when nobody visits it? It's a good thing it is free, otherwise I'd be wasting my money. Perhaps I should spend more time with it, but then again, what should I put on it if I don't really have anything new to report with my publishing.

I'll still keep the website, because I enjoyed creating it and I enjoy looking at it once in awhile, always hoping other people do so also.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and thanks for reading this far. Come back soon. Perhaps I'll have something new to read. As soon as I find a bit of time, I'll publish Book eight in the Xandra series, Dark World, with Smashwords. Right now I'm busy with the cleanup of my yard and garden.

See you later.

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