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Monday, February 10, 2014

#Writing a novel, part 8

 Using a character sheet

What is a character sheet and what does it look like? Well, a character sheet is a list of the characters appearing in a story. It contains the names and other information of all or a few of the players. When I start with a new story, I may not have a character sheet, but once I have my protagonist and I begin to know him/her a little bit better, I will start my sheet.

I’ll write down the name, his/her appearance, and any information I think is important to know. I may even write a bit of a background. The list may contain names of family members, relatives, and friends. In the beginning the list may be short, but as I get to know the person behind the name, the list becomes longer and longer.

How long a list is, depends on the importance of the character. A minor player may only have a name and a brief description of his/her appearance. Possibly a short history; and that isn’t even for certain.

Here is a list of things a character sheet may contain:

Title: Economic status (rich/poor):
Birthplace (Date of birth):
Name of company if self-employed:
Name of employer (company):
Former job:  
Color of Skin:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Length and style of hair:
Glasses/contact lenses:
Beard or moustache:
Other outstanding features:
Languages spoken:
Sexual orientation:
Marital Status:
Name, age, occupation of husband/wife (if dead how and when?)
Names and age of children: (alive and/or dead):
Name of father (alive or dead?):
Name of mother (alive or dead?):
Maiden name of mother:
Grandparents from father’s side: (alive or dead?):
Grandparents from mother’s side: (alive or dead?)
Special people in his/her life:
Zodiac sign:
Manner of dress: (e.g. hat, coat, shoes/boots, jeans)
Manner of speaking and acting:
Special abilities and skills:
Problems: (e.g. alcohol, drugs, smoking, sexual):
Special memories:

This list is not written in stone. You can add anything else that may seem important. Or you can leave things out if they are not needed.

Next time: What a brief history of a character may look like.

More next time

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