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Monday, July 27, 2015

#Codename Salamander

My new Science Fiction novel Codename Salamander has been accepted by #Melange Books, LLC. I've signed the contract last week. It is scheduled to be published in September/October 2016.

That is the hard part: The Waiting. Of course, before it gets published my editor will go through the novel, send it back to me with suggestions and whatever else needs to be done until the final step. That won't be for months from now. In the meantime I will write another novel. So far, I don't have any ideas yet and I am hoping for 'Lady Muse' to give me some hints and inspiration.

A couple of months ago I had an erotic novel published by Fiction4All under a pen name. They take only a few weeks from the time I submit a novel until it gets published. Last week I submitted a second novel to them. So I'm waiting for that one to be published. I'm not divulging my pen name, because those two novels are quite explicit. Fiction4All publishes only Adult fiction and some of them are quite graphic. They have a large reader base.

I am not writing any more explicit erotic novels under my real name and I'm not certain if I will write more under my pen name. I'll see how those two are selling. I enjoy and prefer writing my Science Fiction novels over any other genre, anyway. A bit of titillating erotica won't hurt and I will keep that, but no more graphic scenes. Maybe I'm maturing and growing out of it. Perhaps the novelty of writing erotica has worn off. I'm not sure and it doesn't really matter what the reason is. My family is happy with my new trend.

To come back to Codename Salamander. It is the fifth novel in my 'The Spider Wars' series which was published a few years ago. I like the universe I created in that series and also the characters. I may just write another story that takes place in that same universe. We'll see what comes up.

Here is the blurb for Codename Salamander just to give you an idea what it is about:


Master Scout Terrex Stonewall and his nephew Bret Grayson have signed a one-year contract with Salamander Mining Ventures. Grayson is supposed to study one of the native tribes while Stonewall’s job is to teach rookie Scouts how to survive on a hostile planet. But those are not the only reasons they are on Salamander.
There is something on Salamander the humans want for themselves. It would give them access to an ancient device that would make it possible for humans to become the most powerful species in the galaxy. However, it seems the Spiders, the Anorians, the Accilla, and most other species also know about this device and all of them are willing to start a war with the humans to keep them from sole ownership of what is buried beneath Outpost Salamander. There is just one hitch—nobody knows the code that unlocks the device. Only the brilliant mind of Bret Grayson may be able to decipher the symbols on the artifacts an ancient race left behind.
When a sexy Anorian female makes Grayson an offer he can’t refuse, he is forced to form an uneasy alliance with her. The Spiders and the Accilla also want to be present should Grayson be successful in cracking the code. At the same time, Master Scout Stonewall has to deal with a threat from within the Solar Union. The Military High Command has a sinister plan, and the job of thwarting the plot is thrown into Stonewall’s lap.

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