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Friday, July 17, 2015

#My new novel Codename: Salamander

I finished my first scrutinizing (and agonizing) edit of Codename Salamander, looking for inconsistencies and other mistakes that creep in while writing a novel over the course of a few months. I also did the line-break check, you know the one with the little reversed 'P' symbol, and then I inserted the page-breaks. Boring job.

Next comes the Spell check, but I don't rely on that one too much. The program has plenty of glitches, finding mistakes that aren't there and suggesting changes that are completely wrong. I still rely on my own judgement. When in doubt, I check out my books on writing which I have in my library. Books written by authors and 'gurus' of the English language.

Once I did all that, then I'll read it again to see how the story flows, but still with an eye on mistakes. That is already the fun part. After that I will convert it to RTF format, because that's what my publisher (Melange Books LLC) wants. And then I'll submit it.

It won't be long now. What I'll write after that I don't know yet. Something will pop into my head.

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