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Thursday, June 08, 2006

For Love of Arilee

Well, my story 'For Love of Arilee' has been accepted, but won't appear until next year. A long time to wait. That is one of the 'fun-things' of publishing. It teaches patience. But I'm happy.
My book 'Daughter of the Dark' is a runaway bestseller at Fictionwise, so I'm told. Number one seller at Midnight Showcase. I know, it is not the same as the Harry Potter books, where 'bestseller' translates into millions of copies sold, but I'm still excited about it. My first book and it is a bestseller. Wow. Only a year ago I dreamed about being published and here I am, one book published and four more contracted. Plus a few short stories.
Check it all out at http://www.midnightshowcase.com/

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