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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gin and Tonic, an excerpt

Here is a little appetizer for you from my story 'Gin and Tonic'

The sun burned hot on her skin; even the strong wind that blew in from the ocean didn’t cool it down. It was a perfect day for windsurfing. She watched the many multicolored sails skimming the high waves, like giant butterfly wings.
Only a few people braved the surf, but they seemed to have a great time as they let themselves be carried back to shore when a wave lifted them up.
It looked like fun and Ginger decided to join them.
She had bought herself a new bikini. Maybe it was s little skimpy, but she didn’t care. It felt strange to wear only a thong; she’d never been this bold.
The water was warm. The first wave was stronger than she had anticipated and it slammed her face down into the rough sand and beneath the water. Rolling, she tried to get up and almost managed, then a second wave bowled her over.
She felt strong hands grabbing her, pulling her to her feet.
“Hang on!” a man’s voice said, “here comes another one.” He held her when she almost lost her balance again. “Too dangerous to be in the water right now,” he said. “Didn’t you see the red flag?” He walked with her back to shore, still holding on to her.
“Thank you,” she said. “I feel real stupid.” She looked at him, recognizing him. “It’s Donald, right?”
“I’m flattered. You remembered my name.” He flashed her a smile.
He looked good in his small trunks. Like one of those cover-models from a men’s magazine. Narrow hips, broad shoulders, marvelous looking chest and great biceps.
“I’ve possibly saved your life,” he said and grinned. “Now I’m responsible for you. You owe me your company at dinner tonight.”
She laughed, still embarrassed. “Alright.”
“Come, I’ll buy you a drink,” he said.
She didn’t bother covering herself up, and neither did he. When they slowly walked to the beach bar, they drew stares from men and women, alike. He must have noticed it, also, because he chuckled. “I think we make a good-looking couple,” he said and looked at her. “You have a nice ass.” He grinned.
She felt heat rise to her cheeks and thought My God, I’m actually blushing. I can’t remember when that happened to me the last time. “Was that a compliment?” she asked

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