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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New contract

I just signed a contract with Midnight Showcase for my book 'Mark of the Cobra'. It is not SciFi this time, but an erotic thriller. It is scheduled do be released in September.
March is almost here. Tomorrow, actually. I have another book coming out in March. It will carry the title 'Double Vision', because it contains two stories: Cliffs of Time, a time travel story, and Orion, the Hunt, a SF story. So, keep your eyes open for that one. I'll announce it here when it comes out. Book Two of Seeds of Chaos will be available in April.
Right now I'm busy with an Anthology of mine. I'm putting together a bunch of my short stories and it's coming along fine. (That even rhymes, wow! I hope that's a good sign.) ( Will it ever stop with this rhyme?) YES, RIGHT NOW!
Here is an excerpt from Cliffs of Time: (Sorry about this, this was not an intention of MINE. LOL)
Anyway, here it is:

Traveling through the tall grass proved to be rough. They walked without talking, trying to be as silent as possible. Melanie followed a compass, which she had dug out of her backpack. Without it they surely would have walked in circles, because at times the grass grew so tall, it made navigating extremely difficult.
After about thirty minutes of walking, Melanie stopped and studied a small device she held in her hand. “I think we’ve picked up company,” she said with a low voice.
Steel looked at the small screen and saw a number of moving dots.
“What do these dots mean?” he asked.
Melanie pointed at two stationary dots. “You and me,” she whispered. “Those other ones? Hunters.”
“Who are they hunting?”
“What are they?”
She shrugged. “I can’t tell, but from my readings I assume they’re Deinonychus. That means we’re in trouble. They’re smart and deadly predators, and they hunt in packs. They’ll attack even large dinosaur. We have only one chance. We know where they are and we wait for them to attack us. Get ready.”
After trampling down the grass in a circle around them to give them a larger area to control, they stood back to back, waiting.
“One is heading straight for us from your direction,” Melanie said calmly.
Steel heard the rustling of the grass and then he faced the first of their hunters. He reacted without conscious thought. Bringing the rifle to his cheek, he aimed for the open jaws and pulled the trigger. The head of the saurian creature exploded, spraying Steel with blood and body matter. He didn’t have much time to triumph, behind the first one another one appeared, sharp, serrated teeth gleaming in its powerful jaws. Steel just kept on firing into the snapping maw.
Behind him, he heard Melanie’s rifle firing and felt her back slam into his from the recoil of her rifle.
“Two o’clock!” she screamed.
Steel swung his rifle to his right, fired into the broad chest of the predator. It kept on advancing, tearing up the air in front of it with its clawed three fingered hands. He put an exploding bullet into the gaping maw. The creature dropped to the ground, clawed feet scrabbling for support.
Melanie fired again. “There is one more,” she said, “from your direction.”
He heard it before it came out of the tall grass. When he saw its shadowy form through the thick stems, he began firing. It dropped, still a few yards away from their position.
“I think that was the last one,” Melanie said and relaxed behind him. “Come, let’s move on quickly. The dead bodies will attract the scavengers. They’re just as deadly.”

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BionicPerry said...

Cool. Like Land of the Lost...only for adults. Heh.