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Monday, July 21, 2008

Stardogs Two and other releases

My latest books are finally available from Fiction Wise. Stardogs Two was at number 46 in sales last time I checked. Midnight Showcase Fiction put quite a number of new releases on the Fiction Wise site. My book will have a hard time competing with them all. We’ll see, if Stardogs Two manages to move into the ten top positions. I hope so.
My other titles are Cliffs of Time, Orion--the Hunt, and my novella Time Flares, which is part of the digest Beyond the Stars. Fiction Wise is not a money maker for us, but it gets us exposure to more readers. We prefer that our readers buy our books from Midnight Showcase Fiction The links to all of my books are listed on the sidebar.
Anyone visiting for the first time, I bid you welcome. Stay a while and check out my blog. As stated in one of my last posts, if you are interested, send me an e-mail at hegro@shaw.ca and I will send you a copy of my story ‘Gin and Tonic’. It is not available anymore, but maybe soon it will be again as part of another digest. The first two who send me an e-mail will get a free download of 'Tapestry of Dreams' as soon as it is released. Please, ask for it.
I just renewed my contracts for the stories ‘The Anniversary Gift’ (my very first published story) and ‘Remember me next Christmas’. They will be published either individually or as part of a digest this year still.
Tapestry of Dreams should be released soon. The cover looks good.

1 comment:

mamasand2 said...

Hi Hebert, Congrats on your Fictionwise rank for Stardogs Two. That has to feel fantastic.
I just now discovered you for the very first time. I used to love SF books back in the days of Isacc Asimov and Ray Bradbury, etc. Then I discovered romances... Now I have to have a HEA and some heat. I am just starting to find that they can come in the same book. WOWZA!

I emailed you about the offer in this post and will be looking at your other books too.

Thanks for helping put the SPARK into Sci-Fi.

sandie * a grandmother of 13 *